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Chiropractic: Achieve Relief Without Taking Drugs How do you spell relief? Do you spell it A-S-P-I-R-I-N, V-A-L-I-U-M, M-O-T-R-I-N, or T-Y-L-E-N-O-L? There are literally thousands of ways many people spell relief, but most boil down to D-R-U-G-S. People take a lot of drugs: billions of pills, powders, potions and lotions. Why shouldn’t we? We’re exposed to […]

Chiropractic Adjustments for Vertebral Subluxation of Children That question would be best answered when we explore the cause of spinal problems. The most common problem is Vertebral Subluxation, which often occurs for the first time at birth. Research suggests that 80% of babies immediately following birth are subluxated because of the stress placed on their […]

What About Research? Is There Research to Back Up Your Claims? SINUS AND RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS/SINUSITIS Upper respiratory infections in children: ICA Review, 1990 “Patients frequently attest to the rapid improvement in upper respiratory symptoms following adjustment of vertebral subluxations…Children who are afflicted with frequent bouts of any of the upper respiratory disorders should be carefully […]

Chiropractic Care for Allergies and Sinus Problems So many of our patients frequently comment that they have friends battling “this,” a family member who has “that,” or co-workers who are always calling in sick with some ailment or illness. Our patients frequently state that chiropractic could help them. However, those words are sometimes not listened […]