Why is it critical?

Soft tissue work is a critical part of the work we perform. Soft tissue therapy is aimed at restoring appropriate muscle tone. Stiff or tense muscles can cause localized pain anywhere in the body. The locations we most commonly see are back, neck, headaches, and knee. The focus of chiropractic is the adjustment, but bones are controlled by muscles. This is why we evaluate muscle tone and strength to identify imbalances. Any imbalance can create a number of issues ranging from trigger points to muscle spasms. If these are not taken care of it can lead to pain or injuries. Muscle imbalance predisposes you to muscle strains or joint sprains.

Ways We Do Soft Tissue Work:

Graston uses a tool to decrease adhesions and scar tissue preventing muscles from functioning appropriately

Passive stretching- performed by the provider to relax the muscle

Active stretching- performed by the patient or together with the provider to improve range of motion and decrease muscle tone.

Vibration- used to decrease muscle spasms and increase muscle function

Electrical Stimulation- stimulation to decrease pain and spasms

Massage and Lymphatic Drainage – Promotes removal of wastes and toxins for tissue to allow for healing

Cupping promotes scar tissue and trigger point relief by recruiting blood, lymph, and immune cells.

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