Blue Light Spectrum What is artificial light and how does it affect us? Modern technology is our Achilles heel. Our current lifestyle is surrounded by computers, TVs, iPhones, Ipads, tablets, LED and halogen lights etc all of these produce artificial light. Research shows an average human spends 6-7 hours using electronics and even longer in […]

Managing Diabetes vs Reversing Diabetes The statistics on type 2 diabetes are staggering and unfortunately getting worse instead of better. From 1980 to 2012, diabetes has quadrupled. According to the CDC’s Diabetes Report Card, “If this trend continues, as many as one out of every three adults in the United States could have diabetes by […]

Avoid the holiday and new year’s guilt-trip this year by focusing on success rather than failure. Below we give you a different perspective on getting through the holidays so you can maintain a healthy lifestyle and not feel like you have to set yourself up to fail. (Eat right, & avoid skipping your exercise) Set […]

Inflammation Acute inflammation is a healthy part of your body’s defense system. You need it to manage injury, infection, and the healing process. On the other hand, excess, long-term, or chronic inflammation is a major cause of disease in the modern world. Modern health science pays careful attention to signs that your body is in […]

Most people who want to burn fat and lose weight falsely assume that going to the gym and doing traditional aerobic exercise, like jogging on the treadmill, is the best way to see results. But recent research is proving that long distance cardiovascular exercise is NOT the fastest way to burn fat and lose weight. […]