Causes of nerve pain:

Neuropathy is damage to the nerve resulting from trauma, compression, diabetes, inflammation, or disease. The main causes of compression occur due to impingement between a muscle and bone. Common entrapments are carpal tunnel and sciatica.

Radiculopathy is much like neuropathy, but the difference is the location. Radiculopathy occurs at the spine and can be due to trauma, arthritis, joint degeneration, and disc injuries.

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Treatment Options:

Options vary depending upon the root cause of your nerve pain. A comprehensive physical examination that includes motor and sensory evaluation is needed. Depending upon the findings you may need further diagnostic studies or you may begin treatment. Van Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center offers adjustments, soft tissue work, nerve-specific therapy, nutrition, and strengthening. Having a wide variety of tools available for your treatment allows us to create a plan specific to you and give you the best chance of recovery. In severe cases surgery is needed. It is important to know that even with surgery, most will still need treatment afterward to increase function.

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