Meet the Van Family Chiropractic Team

Erin Van Veldhuizen


Doctor of Chiropractic and Registered Nurse

Dr. Erin graduated Cum Laude from Northwestern College in Orange City, IA with a Bachelors of Arts in Biology and Health Professions. Dr. Erin graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) from Texas Tech Health Sciences Center. She also holds a Bachelors of Science in Anatomy and a Bachelors of Science in Health and Wellness. Dr. Erin graduated Magna Cum Laude from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, TX with her Doctor of Chiropractic (DC). She was named Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities for three consecutive years. In 2014, Dr. Erin earned her Diplomate in functional neurology from the American Chiropractic Neurology Board (DACNB). The DACNB achievement means that Dr. Erin has over 300 hours in post-graduate functional neurology training and passed rigorous boards and practical exams.  Additionally, she has a Doctorate of Clinical Nutrition (DCN) from the American Association of Integrative Medicine and a Diplomate from the Chiropractic Board of Clinical Nutrition (CBCN).  She has additional certifications in Gluten Practitioner (CGP), Clinical Chiropractic Neurology (CCCN), and camera thermography technician from the International Association of Camera Thermologists (IACT).

Parker College of Chiropractic’s Alumni Association named Dr. Erin the Young Alumni of the Year in 2008. Dr. Erin has served as the treasurer for Parker College’s Alumni Association Board of Directors. She served as an adjunct faculty member for over five years at Brookhaven College teaching Anatomy & Physiology.  Dr. Erin has also assisted teaching in technique labs at Parker University.  She speaks for many organizations, health care professionals, and graduate students on topics of women’s health, disease prevention, nutrition and lifestyle, neurological conditions and prevention, supplementation and diet, physiological aspects of disease, and many more.

Dr. Erin has worked in healthcare for over half of her life.  Her past titles have included: CNA (Certified Nurse’s Assistant), PCT (Patient Care Technician), Telemetry Technician, Honor’s Program Student director for an NIH-directed grant that was published in Parasite Neurobiology, Professor Assistant and Lab Assistant in undergraduate and graduate school, and Honor’s Program Chiropractic Intern. Dr. Erin has over 500 hours of training in functional medicine and over 500 hours of training in functional neurology.

Dr. Erin focuses on functional medicine, functional neurology and neurological rehab, camera thermography and women’s health, prenatal and pediatric care, cranial adjusting, soft tissue rehabilitation, and allergy elimination.  Her practices emphasize whole-body wellness and corrective care.  Dr. Erin is passionate about helping ALL patients receive safe and natural care for the whole body and whole family.  She values communication and education in order to help patients understand their role in their health and the CAUSE of their symptoms or conditions.

Dr. Erin also founded Women’s Natural Health Center in order to serve women and offer female-centered health. Women’s Natural Health Center is dedicated to Women Caring for Women. In this facet of her practice she is offering one of the leading breast cancer risk assessment tools and knowledge for women. Dr. Erin is co-founder of Innovative Health and Wellness Group with Brandon Brock, DNP, NP-C, DC. In this practice, Dr. Erin and Dr. Brock emphasize finding the CAUSE of symptoms and conditions, in addition to offering medical services and advisement when needed.

Dr. Erin is a proud wife and mother of two handsome boys: Jonah and Luke.


Dr. Ana Bonilla

Dr. Ana graduated from Parker University in Dallas, TX. Since then, she has had the blessing of working alongside some of the most distinguished chiropractors in USA, including training in some of the largest chiropractic clinics in the country. She also has donated her time to deliver the 5 core principles of health to local Churches, Schools and Corporations in her community in order for them to have an opportunity to achieve the highest level of health.

Dr. Ana Bonilla biggest goal is looking to change the way people view health. She has received advanced certifications in spinal correction, nutrition and fitness. Dr. Ana has a big passion for helping the people in her community achieve better health.

She found her passion when numerous members of her family were struck by sickness, disease and it led to an early death for all of them. That’s when she realized that there had to be more to healthcare other than treating symptoms. In her search for other options, she found Chiropractic, which stood out and was completely different from everything she was taught growing up.

She’s committed to delivering exceptional health care. We shouldn’t trick our bodies into feeling better. We should get to the cause of the problem, remove the interference so we can have the highest level of health possible and live our lives exactly how we see fit.


Rhonda Loftin


Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Clinical Camera Thermography Technician

Rhonda is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and has been practicing since 2002. She is passionate about massage and has worked with a wide variety of patients and conditions. Rhonda has worked with patients who are experiencing pain and/or loss of motion in their: shoulder, neck, feet, elbow, wrist, ankle, knees, and back. She is proficient in lymphatic drainage, deep tissue, orthopedic, medical, reflexology, trigger point therapy, Swedish, pregnancy, and chair massage. She enjoys working with patients suffering with headaches, swelling/edema, bursitis, back, or hip pain during pregnancy, frozen shoulder, sprains, strains, tennis or golfer’s elbow, and over-trained muscles.

Rhonda Loftin has been a Certified Clinical Thermographic Technician (CCTT) by the International Academy of Clinical Thermology since 2013.  She was trained by Dr. William Amalu, former president and current board member of the International Association of Certified Thermographers  (IACT).

Rhonda continues to receive meticulous training and stays current on thermography research.  Rhonda loves women’s health and the opportunity to care for women so they can be the best moms, wives, daughters, and friends.

Rhonda is a mom to four amazing kids that keep her free time filled with excitement!


Taurean Powell

Taurean is a former Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapist who specialized in the development of children with autism and related disorders. As an ABA therapist, he has learned to analyze situations rapidly and adapt to them accordingly.

After five years of working with patients diagnosed with developmental disorders, Taurean has become interested in the various and complimentary methods by which he can help people in need of medical assistance Taurean loves learning and serving patients. He currently is enrolled at Brookhaven College to pursue his medical assistant certification.

Taurean is outgoing, loving, passionate, and determined. He genuinely enjoys people and loves to meet new people. In his free time, Taurean loves to spend time with his beautiful wife and daughter.

Kevin Nicholas


Certified Medical Assistant

Kevin is a 19+ year veteran of the United States Air Force. Being deployed around the world, Kevin had to learn to adapt to different climates, working conditions, and learned to appreciate and respect all cultures.

After retiring as a Technical Sargent, he decided to trade in his combat boots for scrubs. Kevin attended and graduated from Carrington College in 2016 with a National Medical Assistant Certification. He has decided to further his education by continuing with Carrington College for his Associate’s degree in Medical Sciences. He is a lifelong learner. Kevin, also, possess a basic X-Ray technician certification.

Kevin finds working with people and helping them improve the quality of their health a fulfilling process. He likes to help people feel better and be the best version of themselves. When he is not at work you can find him spending quality time with his son, David, and visiting family.

Joel Brandon Brock


Doctor of Nursing Practice-Certified, Medical Director of Innovative Health and Wellness, Van Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center, and Women’s Natural Health Center, Clinical Instructor for Functional Neurology Seminars, Diplomate, Neurology, Conventional Medicine, Nutrition and Integrative Medicine

Dr. Brandon Brock is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, chiropractor and a functional neurology diplomate with multiple clinical interests, including internal medicine, nutrition, wellness, neuroscience and quality improvement research.  In Dallas Texas, he serves as a staff clinician at multiple locations. Along with being a clinician, Dr. Brock has a passion for lecturing and providing learners with didactic and academic skills in a way that is easy to digest, comprehend and utilize in a clinical setting. He has developed a multitude of multidisciplinary hours of curriculum pertaining to neurology, nutrition, physical diagnosis, pharmacology, immunology, and endocrinology. This has impacted students of multiple educational and clinical backgrounds, including medical doctors, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, nutritionists, health coaches and acupuncturists.  He also does lay lectures to the public about how to encompass health and understanding regarding wellness and general health.

Dr. Brock enjoys teaching as well as providing education and support to facilitate learning for multiple groups and agencies. This includes state association meetings to governmental panels. Dr. Brock also develops material and lectures for Functional Neurology Seminars, an educational program along with material at He is currently a lecturer at the Institute of Osteopathic Science and is the vice president of the International Association of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation (IAFNR) and a board member of the American Academy of Integrative Medicine (AAIM).  He is also a lecturer for TAP Integrative.

Dr. Brock received the most outstanding functional neurology teacher of the year from the ACA council of Neurology four years straight and two times from IAFNR (International Association of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation). Recently Dr. Brock received the humanitarian award as a result of his research on injured military and traumatic brain injury from IAFNR. He is also the honorable recipient of the prestigious Living Legacy Award from Samford Universities Ida Moffett School Nursing in 2015. He holds diplomate status in Neurology, Conventional Medicine, Nutrition, Integrative Medicine, and a fellowship from the International College of Chiropractors.

Ultimately you can typically find him spending time with his wife Tara or his children, Addy, Zoey, Kennedy and Conner.  They all love to travel, read, learn, and live life.  Dr. Brock’s wife is a fantastic individual and is a health coach student, and Dr. Brock points out that Tara is the best and most grounded thing in his life, along with his kids, co-workers and friends.