Lorraine L.

After suffering from numerous allergies, asthma and chronic sinusitis for over 25 years, I became very sick in November, 2016. I was suffering from acute asthma attacks and worsening sinus infections and couldn’t even get temporarily relief via my normal route of going to my Pulmonologist and ENT. After going through 7 invasive sinus surgeries over the years, almost continual prescriptions of oral steroids and antibiotics and still not feeling anything but temporary relief I felt very defeated. I suffered from many of the common symptoms of these chronic diseases such as “brain fog”, lethargy, irritability, depression, memory/recall problems, etc. as over the years of subtle declining health I hadn’t realized just how unacceptably sick I had become.

Functional Medicine

A friend told me about Dr. Erin and Functional Medicine so I thought I had nothing to lose if I tried it. I began seeing Dr. Erin in February 2017. Her holistic approach was unlike any doctor I had been to before. She strives to identify the underlying reasons people are sick rather than treating the symptoms with prescription medications. Initially, and to establish a benchmark, I took a saliva test and had comprehensive blood work done. The results indicated I was in a bad, possibly dangerous state of health. Dr. Erin recommended 2 additional blood tests which would determine particular food allergies. When the results came in it turned out I was dairy, sugar and gluten intolerant (but did not have Celiac disease) in addition to ~ 40 other specific food allergies. It was also determined that I had a “leaky gut”.

Dr. Erin put me on many different supplements to boost/repair my blood flow, immune system, lipid panel, hormone and adrenal support plus 2 supplements to help tissue repair (abdominal wall perforations (“leaky gut”) and lung barrier) as well as recommended a gluten, dairy, sugar free diet and the avoidance of the ~ 40 food allergens specific to me. She told me this would be a long process (~ 12 months) and that I needed to be patient. Needless to say, this was a MAJOR change in my diet and it took me about 6-7 days to absorb all this information and to effectuate these diet changes.

After 3 months of following the new protocol, and no prescription medications from my other doctors (other than continuing to use my prescribed inhalers for my asthma), we retested my blood. The results were phenomenal. Even though I knew I felt better and had regained my life, seeing the blood test results proved unequivocally that Dr. Erin’s method of treating me was working. And working fast.

While I still have a ways to go, I am ecstatic by my results thus far. Without Dr. Erin’s commitment to treating the body as a whole and her kind and compassionate way of guiding me through this process, I know I would be home bound medicating my symptoms rather than living my life again. I encourage anyone who feels hopeless due to chronic health problems which seem unsolvable to try Functional Medicine with Dr. Erin.

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