Jennifer M

My son Devyn 6yrs old has absent seizure eplipsy and has suffered for 2 yrs now with frequent episodes that has affected his ability to learn and focus in school. We have been seeing Erin for 2 weeks and can already see a BIG difference in our son Devyn. He went from having mulitple seizures a day to a few a week now and we are only on week 2. My son, Myself and my Husband are VERY excited to be working with Erin. Her knowledge and the time she takes to actually talk to you if very very refreshing. She’s the first Dr’s office I’ve called that the Dr. actually got on the phone to talk to me, before ever meeting me or us having an appointment. I recommend her to all my friends, especially those with Children. My son would do all but kick and scream anytime we would go to the Dr with him, but not with Erin. He gets EXCITED about his appointments and we look forward to every visit. Erin not only helps Devyn but also helps educate me, and that is priceless. We are so appreciative of her and her office staff who make each visit AMAZING!

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