Jennifer Fry

My son had been experiencing headaches due to post concussion syndrome after his fourth concussion from football. We had been to the neurologist who indicated his MRI was clear with no signs of permanent damage. The neurologist encouraged my son to increase his activity level and get ready for basketball. However, every time my son tried to increase his activity, his headache increased. We prayed diligently about what direction we should take. A co-worker, whose daughter is in chiropractic school in Dallas, had raved about how Dr. Erin had helped another daughter with headaches and other health issues, so I asker her for Dr. Erin’s number. I called the neurologist, a physical therapist and Dr. Erin. The neurologist indicated my son should just take some Aleve. The physical therapist thought visiting Dr. Erin might be a good idea. We were very frustrated and my son was slipping into a depressive state due to the continued headaches and not being able to participate in sports. We dropped everything, drove to Dallas and saw Dr. Erin the next two days. The headaches were greatly reduced after the first day of treatment and even more so the next day. Dr. Erin was wonderful with my son and explained everything she was doing to increase his brain function. We found Dr. Erin very patient-friendly and personable and look forward to improved health! We are thankful God led us to her and that she is allowing God to use her as an instrument of healing.

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