Jennifer Figueroa-Puga

I have suffered from the pain of migraines for 26 years. I have gone to ophthalmologists and expensive neurologists since I was a little girl, spent thousands on MRIs and useless medicines. About six years ago, my eye pain became much worse, and my migraines uncontrollable. My life has suffered so much more since then. Everything I did or ate triggered pain in my eyes and followed with a migraine. I became a very sad and irritable person, even a bit grouchy at times. Everyone got on my nerves, especially my husband. I had to constantly apologize to him, thank goodness for his love and patience with me, and for Dr. Erin.

As a recent graduate in a corporate engineering company, I have had to really prove my-self. I have to stay on my toes and keep up with the competition. There is no excuse for someone who is not feeling good and cannot show up to meetings or cannot meet deadlines. I was missing so many days at work that I felt like people could not count on me. I found Dr. Erin online, in my last attempt to find what was wrong with my eyes. The first day I had to fill out so much paper work. I have gone to so many doctors before, and no one had asked me nearly as many questions. Even when I met her, the questions continued. She really wanted to figure out what was wrong with me, and not just give me pain killers (as many other doctors have done in the past). We then established that my miss-aligned neck was the trigger to my eye pain. It was a structure problem that did not require MRIs or nasty medicine. I started going to her as often as I could, twice a week if possible. I can now say that I am a very happy person, do not yell at my husband as much anymore, and I have had perfect attendance at work. Sometimes I get busy with work and cannot make it, huge mistake. My health goes down-hill. So I try to make it a priority. I have a life now, a normal one. Thank you Dr. Erin!

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