We offer natural treatments to end headache symptoms once and for all. This not only minimizes your need for painful shots, surgery, and drugs, but also promotes overall health and wellness. Many people suffer with the pain and discomfort of migraine headaches. While medication may be recommended, it is not always able to alleviate the cause of the condition or its symptoms, and carries the risk of serious side effects.



Dr. Erin explains, “We don’t treat headache pain with drugs that simply cover up the underlying problem. We take the time to discover the ROOT of the problem, bringing your body back into its normal state, eliminating your body’s painful neurological reaction – your headache symptoms.” Van Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center offers a holistic approach to healthcare. The focus is on supporting the body’s natural ability to heal, enhancing positive outcomes, and reducing the need for medication. Each patient undergoes a thorough evaluation of his/her overall health including condition of the spine, brain, and all the organs/systems before determining the right course of action.

Using safe, proven techniques; Our staff provides relief of migraine symptoms by:

  • Reducing stress and tension using cranial adjustments
  • Relaxing muscle spasms
  • Helping to drain sinuses and reduce inflammation
  • Allergy elimination, including potential food tolerances
  • Correcting neurological imbalances and enhancing the nervous system
  • Evaluation to check any dysfunctional body systems that can trigger or promote headaches. Systems evaluated include hormones, thyroid, adrenals, immune system, and pathogens in the intestines.

Our clinic’s primary form of treatment is neurological chiropractic adjustment, however we also provide options and alternatives depending on patients’ needs. We respect each patient and encourage open communication to improve treatment results. Contact our office at (214) 295-9671 today and seek natural treatment for your migraine headaches.

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