Happy Customer

Dr. Erin Saved our Daughters ability to speak! After a seizure, our daughter Heidi was unable to speak, and at first could not even read or write. We had every test in the world run on her including MRI and everything was coming back “normal”. This was good of course, but she was still not able to talk. We began educating ourselves about what was happening, all the while that we were all fighting with the fear that she may have lost her abilities to speak and read… possibly forever. She was taking supplements, and we were trying to get with as many different doctors as possible to get her help, but no one seemed confident they could help her. Finally, after researching online about functional medicine, we discovered Dr. Erin. We liked what we saw, and brought her in. After a very unique and tailored full blood work and other tests and a VERY expert analysis of them, Dr. Erin was able to tell us things about Heidi that NO ONE had been able to tell us before, even with previous blood tests. Whats more, she was confident she could get Heidi talking again soon using her knowledge of Functional Neurology. We brought her in for her therapy, and suddenly one morning SHE WAS TALKING! Her other abilities came back slowly as well, and she is now on the road to full recovery along with a program to help her correct the underlying causes in her biochemistry that put her at risk of this episode in the first place. We could not be more happy and relieved! We are coming to Dr. Erin now for our own health issues as well as referring our family and friends whenever we get the chance!

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