BAX 3000 is a multicomponent biofeedback based system that is fully automated and FDA cleared. It is designed to detect and remove allergy stressors of the body. The BAX 3000 is unique in that it not only identifies the item causing the allergy, but also provides an effective therapy that requires no drugs, no needles, no diets, and most importantly, gives the ability to have contact with the substances that previously caused the symptoms.
As the BAX 3000 works at the cellular level and uses the cell’s metabolism to remove the waste products from the cell, it is crucial to have adequate hydration prior to the testing and treatment. Failure to do so can lead to inconsistent results and incomplete treatment results. So if you are annoyed by constant allergies, whether they be food, seasonal, or environmental, give us a call, drink loads of water and come on in to experience the wonder of the BAX 3000.