Coleen Merk

We were referred to Dr. Erin in March 2010. Our son had broken his tibia and was finally out of a cast. But he was having a lot of pain in his lower back. After physical therapy treatments and an MRI we discovered a bulging disc. The PT treatments were helping but not taking the pain away. The Dr prescribed anti inflamatory.

He has been under the care of Dr. Erin for about 2 months and the difference is incredible. He is a lot more pain free. His energy level is up and he is standing taller. His personality is back to the old self before he broke his leg.

He decided to see just how good Dr. Erin was and the 3rd day after he started seeing her, he fell off a high place and dislocated his shoulder. Dr. Erin saw him about 2 hours after it happened and she treated him and he walked out of there with full range of motion and went to the deer lease and had a great weekend.

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