Chris Hovendon

I came to Dr. Erin’s after four months of being unable to turn my head to the right or left very far. After two weeks, I realized how bad I was when I was actually able to turn my head to back up in reverse in my car. Dr. Erin determined the cause very quickly and after a quick neurological exam had determined exactly where the problem was located. As I said, within two weeks I was able to do something I hadn’t been able to for the previous four months! I would highly recommend Dr. Erin to anyone, as I had tried many different in the four months leading up to my decision to come in. To have made as much process in such a short time, after trying so many different things is truly a testament to Dr. Erin looking beyond the problem. It is worth bringing in your whole family in to see what she can help with. It might be something you didn’t even know was there!

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