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Everyone is looking for ways to increase their athletic ability. This has led many to enroll in rigorous programs to enhance their level of fitness and strength. The added exercises have made you stronger, faster, quicker, and more balance. These are also the same exercises that many others are engaging in which is elevating the quality of […]

      Controversial Issue Between Breast Cancer and Antiperspirant Preventative healthcare is rapidly becoming the focus for many patients.   Patients want to know what they can do to prevent a disease, rather than simply treating the symptoms of a disorder once it develops.   There are many diseases influenced by specific parameters such as where […]

      Making Sure You Find the Real Cause of Your Symptoms – By Dr. Erin Van Veldhuizen, DC, DACNB, CCCN, CCTT Tired, fatigued, exhausted, run-down, run-over, weighed down, worn-out, drained, sleepy, drowsy, weary, hurt all over mentally foggy- these are all complaints we hear from patients on a regular basis. Patients have trouble sleeping, […]

       Thyroid Treatment Options in Dallas, TX Erin Van Veldhuizen, DC, DACNB, CCCN, CCTT specializes in treating the symptoms of fatigue and thyroid dysfunction. However, sometimes it’s helpful to read a typical patient story to see exactly the types of issues our practice can treat. So here’s the story of Julie. Julie first […]

Foot Pain Cramping Treatment in Dallas ‘Tis the season to shop! And if you have foot pain, the thought of a marathon holiday shopping spree can be depressing. Sure, you can shop online, but nothing takes the place of seeing the item, holding it, rubbing that fabric between your fingers to see if it’s the […]