Brenda E

Dr. Erin has been seeing myself and my 4 children for almost a year now. Two of my children had been taking allergy medicine for the 9 years that we lived here and could not miss a day or they would be sick. This was a huge concern for me and I knew I needed to get them out of that cycle. Dr. Erin successfully was able to strengthen their immune systems and they were off the pills after the first month and haven’t taken one for 10 months now and they are allergy free! She has helped my daughters’ acne disappear by cleaning out their systems and is helping my son overcome his Epstein-Barr virus. I have 2 daughters going on missions to Central America for 18 months and she helped their stomachs become strong and able to withstand the sickness and stomach problems that can occur there. My daughter wrote home and told me that everyone around her is having stomach problems and she isn’t! What a relief as their mother to hear this! She is a fun doctor and we look forward to our visits. I refer all my friends to her because I have seen first hand that what she does WORKS!

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