I would recommend Dr. Erin for all children and adults! She has helped me and my preschooler tremendously with many things: me for neurological issues and other chronic illnesses that no one else has been able to help with; for allergy/sinus/behavior problems; and just exceptional overall care that is much better than any other doctor we have seen. Also, whenever any child falls down, bring them in to see Dr. Erin immediately if they are limping in any way or saying something is hurting other than a scrape (or just for an overall check) This is very important, because it is probable that one of the bones has come out of it’s joint and causing pain; she has a knack for knowing exactly what is going on with a patient (a wonderful gift!) It would be a very nice thing for your child if you would just play it safe and take the child to see Dr. Erin, and she will fix it. She and Anna and Pam are very welcoming and make patients feel like a part of the family. They also go above and beyond to make young children feel very comfortable and actually look forward to their appointments (as do I). There is a lot of healing going on in this office, that’s for sure.

A. L. and Family

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