Kids’ Health

Many parents appreciate the importance of regular check-ups for their child’s teeth, hearing, and vision but do not realize the importance of spinal check-ups. A spinal check-up could be one of the most important check-ups your children will ever have! The spine protects billions of nerve fibers that send vital messages and energy from the brain to every part of your child’s body. For this very reason, it is extremely important to have your child’s spine checked for subluxation. It is also important to know that the pressure used to adjust a child is much less than that used when adjusting an adult. Chiropractic care is extremely safe for patients of any age!

While we check and adjust even the healthiest of kids, if your child has suffered from any of the following, it is essential to get them checked by a chiropractor for vertebral subluxation.

Vision Problems Nervousness Skin Conditions or Disorders
Sinus Problems Poor Posture Weakness or Fatigue
Poor Concentration Sore Throat Colic
Stomach Aches Allergies Scoliosis
Asthma/Wheezing Loss of Hearing Irritability
Ear Infections Back Aches Headaches
Neck Aches Growing Pains Bronchitis
Eye Problems Constipation Poor Coordination
Croup Numbness Tingling