Laboratory Testing and Analysis

Metabolic Testing of Patients in North Texas

Everybody deserves to be treated as a whole. We treat all patients structurally, neurologically, and metabolically in order to uncover the CAUSE of their complaints. To assess a patient metabolically, we use specific assessment tools and laboratory testing and analysis, such as:

  • Complete metabolic and nutritional blood testing
  • Adrenal stress hormone profile
  • Food sensitivity, intolerance, and/ or allergy testing
  • Gastrointestinal panel testing
  • Leaky gut/ intestinal permeability testing
  • Parasite and yeast testing
  • Pre- and Post-menopausal hormone profile
  • Hormonal profile
  • Thyroid assessment panels
  • Autoimmune panels
  • Inflammatory markers

Once we get a complete picture of your body systems, we will sit down with you and make sure you understand what we have found and what that means for you. Every person is unique and should be treated individually, that is why we use these proven methods to detect each person’s unique physiological disorders.