Treat Post Surgical Swelling and More – HIVAMAT 200 Now Available

Deep Oscillation Therapy: A Revolutionary Treatment for Swelling, Edema, Scar Tissue, Inflammation, and Soft Tissue Pain.

hivamat-therapyDo you have residual swelling, pain, and discomfort following surgery, cancer treatment, or injury? Bronchitis? Chronic back pain? Chronic sinus discomfort, congestion, or headaches? Muscle pain?   Sprained ankle, knee, or shoulder? Van Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center has a revolutionary solution that may help you tremendously: the HIVAMAT 200®.

HIVAMAT is short for (HI) Histological (VA) Variable (MA) Manual (T) Technique. It does not require heat or electrical stimulation, as it utilizes a low-frequency electrostatic field. The HIVAMAT breaks down scar tissue and helps the body eliminate the painful byproducts by stimulating the lymphatic system.

How does the HIVAMAT 200 work to relieve post surgical swelling, edema, and more?

Our trained staff member connects to the HIVAMAT 200® machine using an electrode, while you loosely hold a neutral titanium bar. Because the staff member will be wearing vinyl gloves, an open circuit is created that allows a pulsating “push pull” effect. After setting the HIVAMAT 200® to the desired frequency, we massage the target area with gentle but rapid pulls and releases of your skin, connective, and muscular tissues.

The resulting electro-static vibrations address a wide variety of health issues. It is an excellent therapy for our post-chemo and post-radiation patients, as well as patients with sports injuries. The vibrations also effectively target carpal tunnel syndrome, circulation issues, and sciatica. The HIVAMAT 200® also reduces the appearance of cellulite, by breaking down fibrous bands and encouraging greater elasticity.

How does the HIVAMAT 200® reduce swelling and quicken injury recovery rates? These gentle impulses help to move lymph through your lymphatic system, draining it from congested areas. Inflammation is minimized, which prompts rapid tissue repair. And as lymph is moved away from incision sites, your potential for scarring declines. You may have treatments as early as 24 hours post-surgery.

Many of our patients suffer from seasonal allergies. The HIVAMAT 200® relieves congestion, making it an effective tool for clearing sinus infections. In patients with bronchitis, the vibrations move fluid from the lungs, improving respiratory conditions.

FDA approved, the HIVAMAT 200® is a safe, effective, relaxing therapy tool. We’re excited to offer it to our patients.

Please call Van Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center at (214) 295-9671 for a free consultation, to learn how the HIVAMAT 200 therapy will benefit you.