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  1. Marie Josee says:

    Erin is very meticulous about what she does and how she handles her patients. She looks after and is concerned about her patients. Her knowledge is assuring, and I believe she gives the greatest care. The adjustments are awesome, long overdue and much appreciated.

  2. Ginger DeRossett says:

    I have been a patient of Dr. Erin for almost a year now and my overall health and wellness has dramatically improved. I came to Dr. Erin last year with an old back injury and severe headaches. Over the past year I have almost no more back pain and my headaches are much less severe. Dr. Erin has not only given me great adjustments she has taken the time to educate me about chiropractic and wellness. I am greatful to have her as my chiropractor and friend!

  3. Pam Bousema says:

    I have been seeing Dr. Erin for awhile now due to my seizures. In the year and a half I have been seeing her I have not had any seizures, and my miagranes have been cut down as well.

    I have really been educated as to the many things that Chiropractor care can help and/or cure. Dr. Erin is very knowledgable and caring you do not feel like a number you geniuenly get personal care.

  4. Carleen Wilkinson says:

    Dr Erin has given me a new and healthy life. 10 years of being sick with Colitis and the effects of epilepsy as a child left me very Ill After only a few treatments and working with the BAX 3000 I feel like a different person. I have tried many modalities in 10 years and have gotten the fastest and best results with Dr Erin. Her knowledge and interest makes my treatments a pleasure.
    Thank you

  5. Coleen Merk says:

    We were referred to Dr. Erin in March 2010. Our son had broken his tibia and was finally out of a cast. But he was having a lot of pain in his lower back. After physical therapy treatments and an MRI we discovered a bulging disc. The PT treatments were helping but not taking the pain away. The Dr prescribed anti inflamatory.

    He has been under the care of Dr. Erin for about 2 months and the difference is incredible. He is a lot more pain free. His energy level is up and he is standing taller. His personality is back to the old self before he broke his leg.

    He decided to see just how good Dr. Erin was and the 3rd day after he started seeing her, he fell off a high place and dislocated his shoulder. Dr. Erin saw him about 2 hours after it happened and she treated him and he walked out of there with full range of motion and went to the deer lease and had a great weekend.

  6. Jennifer Fry says:

    My son had been experiencing headaches due to post concussion syndrome after his fourth concussion from football. We had been to the neurologist who indicated his MRI was clear with no signs of permanent damage. The neurologist encouraged my son to increase his activity level and get ready for basketball. However, every time my son tried to increase his activity, his headache increased. We prayed diligently about what direction we should take. A co-worker, whose daughter is in chiropractic school in Dallas, had raved about how Dr. Erin had helped another daughter with headaches and other health issues, so I asker her for Dr. Erin’s number. I called the neurologist, a physical therapist and Dr. Erin. The neurologist indicated my son should just take some Aleve. The physical therapist thought visiting Dr. Erin might be a good idea. We were very frustrated and my son was slipping into a depressive state due to the continued headaches and not being able to participate in sports. We dropped everything, drove to Dallas and saw Dr. Erin the next two days. The headaches were greatly reduced after the first day of treatment and even more so the next day. Dr. Erin was wonderful with my son and explained everything she was doing to increase his brain function. We found Dr. Erin very patient-friendly and personable and look forward to improved health! We are thankful God led us to her and that she is allowing God to use her as an instrument of healing.

  7. Sandra Jones says:

    I have been communicating and seeing Dr. Erin in just 3 months, and I have seen dramatic changes with my health. I have felt sooooo much better and I have my energy back!!!!! And it has to do with the natural supplements that I take instead of just drugs. Drugs have worse side effects than what they are suppose to be for treating symptoms… and the problem is still not being addressed. I have really appreciated Dr. Erin’s willingness to want to help me. I am really looking forward to more exciting results to happen!!!!!

  8. april martin says:

    I had real bad allgries I tryed it the lazer bax and its fast painless .I am well.april martin

  9. Christi Kendrick says:

    Dr. Erin does amazing work! When you think of chiropractic, that’s not what Dr. Erin does. She treats your whole system as complete picture, figuring out what is out of balance that is causing a long line of other issues. She is gentle on the chiropractic table (does NOT whack & crack) and uses dietary and hormonal therapies to correct the whole system – not just band-aid your symptoms.

    They also have laser thermography, which in my opinion is far better than a mammogram in detecting changes in the breast, without all the cancer causing radiation. Why subject yourself to cancer causing radiation, to find out if you have breast cancer? If they see an issue on the thermogram, they can do further tests from that point. Very common sense. I feel blessed to have found such a great, caring clinic in the DFW area!

  10. Cindy French says:

    Dr. Erin has been working with my severely autistic son after we were in a car accident a few months ago and I have been very grateful. She and Dr. Karen have been able to work with him gently yet effectively. Both Dr. Erin and Dr. Karen have worked with autism before and it shows. With my son being non-verbal, life is not always easy. Sometimes my son does not want to lay on the table. So, both doctors will get on his level to work with him; whether it is on the floor or on the couch in the waiting room. Both Dr. Erin and Dr. Karen, as well as Anna, the receptionist, have all shown that we are not just patients on charts; they genuinely care about us.

  11. Shannon says:

    I am so pleased with the progress my son is making…… For the first time I received an e-mail from my son’s teacher praising his acheivments! Check it Out!

    Will had a great day! This was his best day in a long while! He was focused and was really into his work. He is so proud of himself. Even several of the kids noticed that he was so quiet and working so hard. I hope he continues this for tomorrow. I love to see his face when he is successful and works the way he wants to work. Have a great afternoon!

    Mrs. Sudduth
    D. Elementary

  12. Donna Atkinson says:

    I have been going to Dr. Erin for about two months. I was in search of someone who could answer questions regarding certian health issues that no one else seemed to be able to answer. I only received generic help until now. Dr. Erin has been able to give me real answers and I now have a plan to help me start living a quality of life that I have been in search of.

  13. Jo Ann says:

    I brought my teenage granddaughter to Dr Erin because she had injured her shoulder. The injury was on the weekend and the pain was bad on Monday so she went to another Dr, got xrays, was told no bones were broken, was told to take an anti-inflammatory, and her arm was put in a sling. My granddaughter could not move her arm up without pain. The next day she went to Dr Erin and after one treatment she had complete freedom of movement, threw away her sling and did cartwheels to show off!

  14. Felicia May says:

    When I first visited Van Family Chiropractic, I was suffering debilitating symptoms of high blood sugar and high blood pressure. Erin did some blood work and a saliva test which discovered that I was having problems with my blood sugar. I was dizzy, nauseated, tired, and even had a racing heart at times. She recommended supplements, and I had frequent adjustments at first. When I first started taking the supplement for blood sugar support, I took 8 per day. I am now down to 4 per day, and hope to be down to 2 per day before the end of the summer. I have really worked on my sugar intake, however now I can tolerate sugar. I am so elated that Erin and her staff helped me avoid prescription medications. She also discovered that my hormones were not balanced either, so I’m taking progesterone. That has been very helpful as well. Needless to say, I feel way better. I am feeling better than I have felt in 2 or 3 years. The kind and caring staff are a joy to see every time I come in for a visit.

  15. Kristi Perkins says:

    If you are searching for help for your medical condition and traditional doctors are not working, please come see Dr. Van. She is gentle and caring. She will not give up until she can help. I was suffering from Graves’ dermopathy when I was referred to Dr. Van. My hyperthyroid caused the protein to build up in my skin causing it to be lumpy and red. The traditional doctors had no cures or help for my condition. Dr. Van used a cold laser and adjustments along with suppliments to cure my condition. The large lump on my leg and in my feet are completely gone. Praise the Lord for Dr. Van!

  16. Vivian says:

    I wanted to give a big thanks to Dr. Erin and Anna. I went to bed with the ball of my foot feeling bruised. I woke up and could not stand or balance myself because the pain was unbearable; I thought I broke my foot. We called Anna and asked if at all possible and it was, even though their day was packed with appointments.

    My husband and son had to carry me in to see her and I was able to walk out on my own. Amazing! No need for expensive ER visits, x-rays and walking boot. A really good adjustment with an explanation and recommended exercises will prevent it from happening again. Now that is Fantastic in my books. Our family loves Van Family Chiropractic!!!

  17. Allison says:

    I would recommend Dr. Erin for all children and adults! She has helped me and my preschooler tremendously with many things: me for neurological issues and other chronic illnesses that no one else has been able to help with; for allergy/sinus/behavior problems; and just exceptional overall care that is much better than any other doctor we have seen. Also, whenever any child falls down, bring them in to see Dr. Erin immediately if they are limping in any way or saying something is hurting other than a scrape (or just for an overall check) This is very important, because it is probable that one of the bones has come out of it’s joint and causing pain; she has a knack for knowing exactly what is going on with a patient (a wonderful gift!) It would be a very nice thing for your child if you would just play it safe and take the child to see Dr. Erin, and she will fix it. She and Anna and Pam are very welcoming and make patients feel like a part of the family. They also go above and beyond to make young children feel very comfortable and actually look forward to their appointments (as do I). There is a lot of healing going on in this office, that’s for sure.
    A. L. and Family

  18. Carol Sage says:

    This is the only doctor’s office I have ever looked forward to coming to for an appointment! No matter how I’m feeling, I always leave there encouraged with a renewed hope for my health.

    I initially went for a thermogram but after my saliva and blood tests I found there were several other issues going on that needed to be addressed. Frankly, those issues scared me. But between Dr. Karen and Dr. Erin and Anna, they gave me confidence that we could change things and to not give up hope. They devised a “battle plan” for each issue and after a few months of detox and supplements, my numbers are continuing to improve drastically. And I feel better than I have for years! Plus I lost 17 lbs as a plus!

    Van Family Chiropractic treats the whole person, not just the symptom, but the root cause of the problem. And the best part of all is the fact that they make you feel like you’re the most important patient of all! They truly care about you!

    I know God sent Van Family Chiropractic as my “Army of Angels” to restore my health so I can be a better me! Look out world, here I come! Thank you, my angels, for the honest communication and the wisdom to know what to do and the love you show in so many ways from the moment I walk in the door till the time I leave. God bless you always!

    Miss Carol

  19. Lauryl Fountain says:

    Dr. Erin is the best. I had done a 5k walk for the American Heart Asst. Also was walking with 2 dogs the whole time. The next few days after my lower back had so much pain I could not stand, sit, lay down in any position for too long. I went to the hospital was given a load of pain meds and other muscle relaxing meds. Those did not work, I just felt drugged up. So I called my mom crying because I was in so much pain and didn’t know what to do. My mom then recommended me to her Chiropractor (Dr. Erin). After one adjustment I felt about 80% better. The next day I was pretty much back to myself. After that day 100% back to normal and even feeling better than before the pain.Thank you Dr. Erin. Nothing but good things to say. : )

  20. Tisha Brandes says:

    I have been to many chiropractors in my 38 years. I have finally found the best person to treat my entire family. I have seen a difference in just a short period of time. She is very knowledgeable and isn’t trying to push you out the door after 5 minutes to get to he next client. My kids call her the “fun chiropractor” for a reason. I look forward to many years of care even though we drive 45 minutes one way. Thank you!

  21. Laura G says:

    I have only been seeing Dr. Erin for a few weeks, but have already had great results! I have suffered from migranes/stress headaches for years and have seen everyone from neurologists to message therapists and NO ONE has helped as much as Dr. Erin has thus far. I am very pleased and will continue seeing Dr. Erin!

  22. Brenda E says:

    Dr. Erin has been seeing myself and my 4 children for almost a year now. Two of my children had been taking allergy medicine for the 9 years that we lived here and could not miss a day or they would be sick. This was a huge concern for me and I knew I needed to get them out of that cycle. Dr. Erin successfully was able to strengthen their immune systems and they were off the pills after the first month and haven’t taken one for 10 months now and they are allergy free! She has helped my daughters’ acne disappear by cleaning out their systems and is helping my son overcome his Epstein-Barr virus. I have 2 daughters going on missions to Central America for 18 months and she helped their stomachs become strong and able to withstand the sickness and stomach problems that can occur there. My daughter wrote home and told me that everyone around her is having stomach problems and she isn’t! What a relief as their mother to hear this! She is a fun doctor and we look forward to our visits. I refer all my friends to her because I have seen first hand that what she does WORKS!

  23. Jennifer M says:

    My son Devyn 6yrs old has absent seizure eplipsy and has suffered for 2 yrs now with frequent episodes that has affected his ability to learn and focus in school. We have been seeing Erin for 2 weeks and can already see a BIG difference in our son Devyn. He went from having mulitple seizures a day to a few a week now and we are only on week 2. My son, Myself and my Husband are VERY excited to be working with Erin. Her knowledge and the time she takes to actually talk to you if very very refreshing. She’s the first Dr’s office I’ve called that the Dr. actually got on the phone to talk to me, before ever meeting me or us having an appointment. I recommend her to all my friends, especially those with Children. My son would do all but kick and scream anytime we would go to the Dr with him, but not with Erin. He gets EXCITED about his appointments and we look forward to every visit. Erin not only helps Devyn but also helps educate me, and that is priceless. We are so appreciative of her and her office staff who make each visit AMAZING!

  24. Chris Hovendon says:

    I came to Dr. Erin’s after four months of being unable to turn my head to the right or left very far. After two weeks, I realized how bad I was when I was actually able to turn my head to back up in reverse in my car. Dr. Erin determined the cause very quickly and after a quick neurological exam had determined exactly where the problem was located. As I said, within two weeks I was able to do something I hadn’t been able to for the previous four months! I would highly recommend Dr. Erin to anyone, as I had tried many different in the four months leading up to my decision to come in. To have made as much process in such a short time, after trying so many different things is truly a testament to Dr. Erin looking beyond the problem. It is worth bringing in your whole family in to see what she can help with. It might be something you didn’t even know was there!

  25. Krista Radau says:

    I have been dealing with sinus issues for years. Along with the sinus issues were debilitating headaches! I have seen every kind of doctor and been on all kinds of medication. I decided since nothing else was working, but only seemed to make me feel horrible, I would try the natural, holistic approach. I stumbled on this website one night while googling sinus headaches. It was the best internet find I have ever come across!! The entire staff are friendly and caring. The adjustments and supplements that Dr. Erin has me doing are amazing! I haven’t felt this good in years. I recommend her to everyone. Although my commute to her office is an hour long, I always look forward to going. I can not put into words how happy I am to have found such an amazing place!

  26. Garret Hemphill says:

    I have been dealing with post concussion syndrome for 15 months now as a result of 5 concussions from football. I had headaches every day and became so sensitive to movement I could hardly walk or ride in cars. Since I started seeing Dr. Erin 4 weeks ago, I have not had a single headache and I have become much less sensitive to movement. Dr. Erin has truly turned my life around when I thought there was nothing I could do but suffer through it. I highly recommend Dr. Erin and her staff to anyone going through post concussion syndrome; she turned my life around and can do the same for you. I am so thankful for Dr. Erin and her amazing staff and what they have done for me and my family!

  27. Jennifer Figueroa-Puga says:

    I have suffered from the pain of migraines for 26 years. I have gone to ophthalmologists and expensive neurologists since I was a little girl, spent thousands on MRIs and useless medicines. About six years ago, my eye pain became much worse, and my migraines uncontrollable. My life has suffered so much more since then. Everything I did or ate triggered pain in my eyes and followed with a migraine. I became a very sad and irritable person, even a bit grouchy at times. Everyone got on my nerves, especially my husband. I had to constantly apologize to him, thank goodness for his love and patience with me, and for Dr. Erin.
    As a recent graduate in a corporate engineering company, I have had to really prove my-self. I have to stay on my toes and keep up with the competition. There is no excuse for someone who is not feeling good and cannot show up to meetings or cannot meet deadlines. I was missing so many days at work that I felt like people could not count on me. I found Dr. Erin online, in my last attempt to find what was wrong with my eyes. The first day I had to fill out so much paper work. I have gone to so many doctors before, and no one had asked me nearly as many questions. Even when I met her, the questions continued. She really wanted to figure out what was wrong with me, and not just give me pain killers (as many other doctors have done in the past). We then established that my miss-aligned neck was the trigger to my eye pain. It was a structure problem that did not require MRIs or nasty medicine. I started going to her as often as I could, twice a week if possible. I can now say that I am a very happy person, do not yell at my husband as much anymore, and I have had perfect attendance at work. Sometimes I get busy with work and cannot make it, huge mistake. My health goes down-hill. So I try to make it a priority. I have a life now, a normal one. Thank you Dr. Erin!

  28. Dee says:

    I was at my wits end with tension headaches. I had gotten off my 20 mg lexapro by seeing a hynotist but they came back. I didn’t want to go back on medication so I searched the internet for help. I found Dr. Erin’s website and, thankfully, she was not far from where I lived. I have been more than impressed by her. I think she is amazing and I think everyone in the world would profit from seeing her. I am looking forward to being headache-free for the rest of my life. Thank you, Dr. Erin!

  29. Tolly Salz says:

    Erin and her staff go above and beyond to ensure that each patient is functioning at his or her optimum level of health. Her knowledge, expertise, and attention to detail set her apart from other health care professionals. She listens to her patients and spends the time to provide the best quality care for each person who comes into her office. If you are searching for someone to assist your body in healing, you have come to the right place. Not only are Dr. Erin and her staff up to date with best practices, but also they care about the patients they work with and take the time to make sure each person is equipped to achieve optimum overall health. My children and I are forever grateful to her and her coworkers for helping us get back on the right track with our health!

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