Dr. Erin’s Chiropractic, Wellness and Women’s Health Practices in Dallas – A History

Van Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center

vfcw-logoWhen Dr. Erin Van Veldhuizen first started her practice, she wanted her primary focus to be on basic chiropractic, with some neurological emphasis. At the time, it was her aim to learn more and increase her knowledge of the neurological side of her practice, so she pursued a certification in chiropractic neurology. As she was conducting her research, Dr. Erin saw that something else was missing from her practice. Her patients were getting better, but they were not attaining the full health benefits she wished for them. She realized was only focusing on one of the three systems that run the body – she was treating the nervous system, while ignoring the endocrine and immune systems.

As a result, she started researching endocrinology and obtained a diplomate in endocrinology, to better identify autoimmune issues, digestive disorders, thyroid disorders, adrenal dysfunction, and detoxification issues. Then, as she was studying the endocrine system, she saw that it is intimately tied to the nervous system, so she returned to school and earned her second diplomate in neurology, enabling her to effectively identify and support all three major systems of the human body. She changed the name of her practice from Van Family Chiropractic to Van Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center to better communicate her knowledge and skills outside of basic chiropractic.

Women’s Natural Health Center

Women's-Natural-Health-LogoDr. Erin saw a need for thermography to help women who were concerned about their breast health, which led to Dr. Erin opening her own thermography practice called Women’s Natural Health Center.

Unlike other thermography offices that simply take a picture and screen the patient to help determine their risk of breast cancer, Dr. Erin focuses on comprehensive support. While studying endocrinology, she also studied women’s health, and learned about hormones and to identify hormone related disorders. This helped her diversify her practice and opened another avenue to help women in need.

Innovative Health and Wellness Group

Innovative-Health-Dallas-LogoTo expand her ability to offer comprehensive care for patients, Dr. Erin teamed up with Brandon Brock, a nurse practitioner and functional medicine expert, who director of Innovative Health and Wellness Group.

In many medical practices, patients are just put on prescription medications to alleviate symptoms instead of fully addressing their primary concern. The teamwork between Dr. Erin and Brandon Brock gives the patient the opportunity to be educated and achieve optimal health and wellness.

Brandon Brock has the ability to prescribe medication to patients when needed, in addition to offering natural remedies. Brandon also has specialized IV support for patients with autoimmune diseases and bacterial and viral infections. Innovative Health and Wellness Group offers all of these immediate medical supports to patients, while also addressing their long-term health needs to improve their overall well-being.

The core of Dr. Erin’s practice is to restore all of her patients to the best health possible. She does so by identifying the cause of their symptoms and then supporting the body’s different systems using natural remedies, or working with Brandon when there is a medical intervention needed, giving her patients a clear path to better health.