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How to Get Rid of Period Cramps without Pills or Prescriptions

Ladies, we know it’s no fun. And we are so aware of the symptoms (thanks to television ads) – irritability, bloating, cramping, general malaise. For many period cramps are an annoyance, and for some they are completely debilitating. Regardless of

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Natural Treatment for Migraine Headaches – What Really Works?

Migraine headache sufferers often beg for relief, particularly when these headaches disrupt their lives. There are a number of treatments available – both natural and traditional – and many swear by them. Whether it’s taking shots, popping pills or taking

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What is Colic? What Causes Colic? And Why Does It Keep My Baby Up at Night?

Colic strikes 20 percent of all babies, and what experts do know is that it is not the result of genetics or any event during pregnancy or childbirth. While there are multiple theories, none really ask the big question –

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Cranial Adjustments – How Newborns Benefit from Chiropractic Care

The first years of life are filled with wonder – both for baby and parents. Babies change significantly during their first year. In fact, a baby’s spine will grow 50% during that time. Both the baby’s spine and cranium go

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Graston Technique – A Better Way to Treat Overused Muscles?

[youtube]It happens, especially this time of year. Sun is shining, birds are singing, and you are really energized. You spend your time doing yard work, or cleaning out the garage, or picking up a quick game of softball or

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Knee Pain After Running? There May Be a Good Reason

While there are many benefits to running, the reality is that every stride taken puts some type of stress on your knees. It is common to experience some knee pain after running, but if that pain continues for long periods

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Golf(ing) and Chriopractic Care – a natural fit

As a life-long athlete, and a sometimes-duffer, my affiliation with the Titleist Performance Institute has been really valuable. The volume of information there is almost overwhelming. I regularly check out their Golf Fitness and Golf Health section. And look at

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Answers for Chronic Digestive Problems from Dr. Erin

At one time or another, we have all experienced the discomfort of bloating, abdominal pain, gas, diarrhea or constipation. But, for many, this is becoming a daily occurrence. Traditionally, triggers have been thought to be anything from stress, eating certain

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Chronic Digestion Problems…Everyday People Having Miracles Every Day

Of all the things that can be a source of inspiration and a renewed passion for achieving health, of all the things that can act as a catalyst to dramatically change the way you take care of your family, few

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Poor Digestion and Chiropractic – Explaining It To Your Friends

Many patients have indicated that newsletters help them better explain to their friends and co-workers why they will get adjusted for life, and why their friends should have their spine and nerve system checked for nerve interference. We hope this

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